Roleplaying games in Trondheim


"Hexagon" is the gaming club of Trondheim, and has been arranging weekly nights for board games, card games, and roleplaying games for many years now.

Normally, we appoint someone to run one continuous RPG for each school year, what we call a "saga", with weekly episodes that anyone can join. This year, however, the current situation means we could not provide a proper saga. In its place, every week we will have various GM's running one-shot scenarios, for a variety of RPGs and systems.

If you want to run a game, you're welcome to describe it here. You're also welcome to just bring a game on a Wednesday.

Since we don't have dedicated group of GM's running things this year, we hope that as many people as possible will be willing to help out and run games in the months to come.

Game nights may end as early as 22:00, so please be at the club at 18:00.

(During early autumn 2020 we divided up the club nights between roleplaying and boardgaming, but now we have both types of gaming every club night.)

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