Basic Game Info

●There are a set of rules relating to Covid-19 we HAVE to follow.
●One of the biggest ones is that we can't allow more than 20 people into the club at a time, so participation will be capped by that.
●More details can be found on Hexagons homepages: Corona update

●Each GM will state ahead of time what is required: Whether pre-made characters will be provided, or whether people have to make their own ahead of time, as well as what dice (if any) are needed.
●We STRONGLY recommend to not have chargen during the session, as this usually takes up a LOT of time.
●If there are too many people who want to play, the rules of the club are that the people who have played the least are first in line, and if someone has to be turned away, the people who've played the most are the first to go.

●Every other wednesday (except when closed), starting on 9th of september
●From kl 18:00 to (theoretically) ca kl 22:00 or 22:30 (depending on staffing needs)
●There is a break for food & shopping from 20:30 to 21:00-ish

Location: Brattørveita 10 ("Trønderkjelleren") - map

Since the club doesn't permit kids younger than 14 years old, we sadly can't have players under that age limit either.


Behavior & Etiquette

●The most important rule is that this game exists for people to have fun.
If everyone is having a good time, then there is no problem.
If someone is not having a good time, then there is a problem.

Don't be a jerk.

●Any form of harassment, hate-speech, discrimination, or otherwise behaving in ways that other people in the room find offensive or hurtful, will not be tolerated.

Anyone who feels they aren't being treated properly should inform us immediately. Especially if it's one of the game masters who is doing something wrong. If we aren't informed when we bother you, then we won't know we should stop doing it.

●While we think it's natural to argue with the GM about rules and mechanics and decisions, this is only true within limits. When the GM says he has made a decision, and is trying to continue the game, then players are going to accept that, as the GM has final say during game sessions.

Afterwards, however, these debates can be brought up again, when precious game time isn't being wasted on it.

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