Upcoming Games

Here you can see some upcoming games which people are prepared to run, and read a little bit about them. We'll try to post the most important info, like how many players each has room for, if anything is needed to join, and suchlike.

We don't have a planned schedule of games, each Wednesday we figure out the number of players and GMs, and decide together which game(s) to play.

If you want to run a game at the club, we are always happy to have new GMs join in : ) You're welcome to bring a game to run even if you haven't described it here first, but it is, of course, better if you manage to add a description.


Dynasty: Who Will Rule the Empire

GM: Hilde
Game System: Dynasty: Who Will Rule the Empire
Requirements: No previous experience. 3-5 players

Description: Dynasty is a GM-less tabletop RPG where players compete to see who will rule an empire. Each player will take the role of a lineage, struggling through different eras for domination.

This is a one-shot system, designed to tell sweeping stories, but zoom in on individual, significant moments. As the story of your Dynasty unfolds, find out who will rule, and who will fall.

You can download the game for free at Storybrewers. There's no secret information there, so you can read it all if you want (but you don't have to).

Curse of Old Town

Game System: Pathfinder
GM: Gunnar
Requirements: 3-5 characters
Skill: No experience needed - 3 pre-made characters are provided by the DM
Dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 - The club has some kits, and other players will bring extra kits, so no need for dice
Characters: Level 3 - Most options are accepted

The premade characters are:

  • Cleric - Grand kid of the mission provider
  • Ranger - Sheriff of the town
  • Fighter - War veteran and town drunk

An old village, called old town, lies in a mountain range to the far east. The town used to be prosperous, but because of its past it has been decaying in wealth. Old town is placed next to the coast, and is doing good with the little it has. The party has been called to Old town, because lately the family who owns the local tannery has called for adventurers in hopes to get rid of a curse placed on their family heirloom. After staying in the town, the characters who got there crossed their paths. The party as it is was formed just a few days ago, and they have not had proper time to look into their case.

Together they have a few leads: They know that the old tanner owning the cursed item has a grandson who is a cleric that have just come home from a pilgrimage, and they also know that most people in Old town likes the family quite well and that it makes little sense that anyone in town would cast a curse on them.

During their stay they have also come across a murder most foul, as the old sheriff of Old town was found dead in his room. The new sheriff of Old town is trying to find the culprit, but to no avail. There does not seem to be a correlation between the cursed item and the murder, but the sheriff insisted that if the party wants his help he will be willing to lend a hand.

Now the party finds itself at the crowded inn, as this is the first time they are all together and they figured nothing makes friends like a pint. The party wishes little more than to finally solve this mystery and get their reward. The difficult thing now will be piecing together what they all know and end this curse that is haunting the most well-standing family of Old town.

The Black Cat

Game System: The Black Cat
GM: Jonas
Requirements: 3-6 characters
Skill: No experience needed - pre-made characters are provided by the DM
Dice: 2d6, 2d20 - The club has some kits, and other players will bring extra kits, so no need for dice

The premade characters are:

  • Alanna Morningstar - Roofdancer - You are the Master of turning theirs to yours
  • Aila Bloodknife - Child of Rondra - You are the Terror of rats, the angry claw of Rondra, the protector of the deep.
  • Button Bighead - Learned - Some may smile at you, but your accumulated knowledge makes them look like fools.
  • Gadhra from the Swordtower - Streetfighter - With great power comes great responsibility and you are aware of it. You do not need a pack to feel strong. And you do not have to prove to anyone what you can do.
  • Kara Feathershine - Child of Aphasma - You are, and there is no doubt about it, the most elegant dancer of Havena, if not the world.
  • Kieran Nightface - Child of Zerzal - No prey escapes you, for your patience is endless and your spear deadly.
  • Meroth from the Barrel - Trash collector - Surely not the most respected life in Havena, but at least you can call a stately garbage heap somewhere in a dark backyard of Orkendorf your own.
  • Nino Flowerbag - Child of Nurti - There is more than enough to do, because the world is full of pain, where everyone should be full and happy.

The Black Cat is a role-playing system set in the world of the German role-playing system The Dark Eye. The players take the roll of cats in the harbour city of Havena who have gained sentients because of a magical event. During the day the cats pretend that nothing has changed the run around naked, walk on all fours, and behave like normal cats. During the night they grab their clothes and equipment from their hiding places and go about their business. No wonder that most cats are nocturnal and spend most of their days sleeping in the sun. This charade works very well and most people won’t suspect that their cat is actually an adventurer who hangs out at dance halls at night and philosophizes about life.

“Did you hear? This new tomcat, Ramon, oh… such a nice name for such a handsome guy… oh but I digress. Anyway he says that in the land of Al’Anfar food is plentiful and the long legs fulfil all your wishes just from you twitching your whiskers. Can you imagine? It must be a true paradise!”

- Overheard on one of empress Rohajas dance parties

Something something in Krakenstad

GM: Hilde
Game System: Kids on Bikes
Requirements: No previous experience. 3-5 players

Hilde will prepare another scenario in Krakenstad, at some time (but not quite yet). This is a teaser :-)

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