Games thus far

Session Log

September 9th
Scenario System GM
Archimedes 7 Call of Cthulhu Sigurd Gaut
September 23rd
Strange Worlds The Strange Henrik Lerdahl
October 7th
The Crow's Castle Kids on Bikes Hilde Austlid

Here you can see what games and stories have been played at the game thus far this school year, and read a bit about what each story has been like.


Session 1 - September 9

Archimedes 7

Game System: Call of Cthulhu
GM: Sigurd Gaut

Description: It is the far future, and Earth is colonizing the stars. The spaceship Archimedes 7 is carrying 70-odd colonists to a distant world known as Atlas. The colonists will spend the journey in cryo sleep while a skeleton crew flies the ship. Once on the planet, they will wake up and establish a colony, while the crew takes the ship back, ready for another mission.

The players take control of a group of the colonists at some point in the middle of the journey. They have been woken up in the cargo bay long before their scheduled arrival, the crew is nowhere to be seen, and the Archimedes appears to be running on emergency power. Something is clearly very wrong, and you will need to fix it.

This scenario plays out similar to the pitch of the movie Passengers with the tone of Alien. Call of Cthulhu is a horror RPG inspired by gothic horror, exemplified by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Its most famous feature involve the mechanics for how a character's sanity slowly slips away and the horrors that follow.

Session 2 - September 23

Story 1: Strange Worlds

Game System: The Strange
GM: Henrik Lerdahl
Requirements: No previous experience. Each player needs one 20-sided dice, one 6-sided dice, and a pencil. There's room for 5 players.

Description: The "Agency" is a secret group that exists to monitor and regulate travel between earth and the alternate realities known as "Recursions", most of which are originally born from fictions and stories leaking into the cosmos. Within these parallell dimensions, physics works exactly as it was described in the original book / movie / TV-series / myth / etc.

The players are a team of field operatives working for The Agency who have the ability to travel between realities, a process which "translates" them so they fit into the new setting. This makes their powers (and thus their character sheet) change according to what dimension they are in, as they go from world to world, and genre to genre.

But when the worlds of human fiction come alive, there's an awful lot of villains and monsters that are brought into existence along with them, and they might develop ambitions and plans of their own…

Whether riding with the Lone Ranger or fleeing from the orc-hordes of Sauron, whether playing Quidditch or commanding the starship Enterprise, whether reading the Necronomicon or trying to survive the game of thrones in Westeros, "The Strange" is the game that has it all. Sometimes, all in the same game session.

This scenario is about 5 agents who have to survive the problems they're plunged into when their current mission takes them to some of the dimensions created from some of the popular movies of the past decades, and somehow manage to fulfill their objectives along the way.

("The Strange" uses the Cypher System, which are more or less the same mechanics as in the game "Numenera")

Session 3 - October 7

Story 1: The Crow's Castle

Game System: Kids on Bikes
Requirements: No previous experience. 3-5 players. Players need one d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20 (but the GM will bring spare dice, so you don't need to bring your own dice to play)

Description: You are kids in a town small enough that you can bike across it, some time before there was a mobile phone in every pocket. In your spare time, you steal apples from the garden of that grumpy neighbour who yells at you to get off their lawn, and explore the abandoned house at the outskirts of the town where you have seen some strange lights lately.

Inspiration: Stranger Things - or maybe Scooby Doo? Is there something supernatural going on, or is there a natural explanation for the weird stuff?

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