The chart below details the previous Saga campaigns that have been organized by the club in past years.

Year Saga Game System In Charge Lieutenant(s)
2019/20 The Road Goes Ever On Golden Sky Stories Felix Prinz Henrik Lerdahl
2018/19 What Lies Below Dungeon Fantasy Magnus Ulstein Sigurd, Torgeir
2017/18 Paranormal Division World of Darkness Henrik Lerdahl Felix T. Prinz
2016/17 Divided We Stand GURPS Magnus Ulstein Per Kristian Schanke, Torstein F. Selvik
2015/16 Eberron: Root of All Evil Pathfinder Henrik Lerdahl Håvard Svoen
2014/15 Running Free in Seattle Shadowrun 5th edition Espen Kvernmo Per Kristian Schanke
2013/14 Space Station Colossus Genius: the Transgression Magnus Ulstein Henrik Lerdahl
2012/13 Union: The World is
Not Enough
FATE Magnus Ulstein Håvard Krugerud,
Torstein F. Selvik
2011/12 Roma Aeternus Vampire: the Requiem Espen Kvernmo Henrik Lerdahl
2010/11 League of Champions HERO System 6th edition Magnus Ulstein Torstein F. Selvik
2009/10 Tangled Fates Changeling: the Lost Thomas R. Rasmussen & Henrik Lerdahl
2008/09 Faith and Learning
in Las Vegas
Mage: the Awakening Henrik Lerdahl Thomas R. Rasmussen
2007/08 Mørkets krefter Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Alexander Nyheim Kristoffer
2006/07 Blackeagle & Blackeagle Millenium's End Thomas Torp -
2005/06 Ingen klubbsaga -
2004/05 Arcana Unearthed Martin Nesbakken
2003/04 Wenford Vampire: the Masquerade Torbjørn Amundsen & Sverre Midthjell
2002/03 Post festum Dungeons & Dragons Oddgeir Drevdal, Hans Torvatn & Tim T.
2001/02 Star Wars
2000/01 Nattfolket Harnmaster
1999/00 De fordømtes legion Legend of the Five Rings
1998/99 L'Arbre sur le Rocher Ars Magica
1997/98 O.P.E.C. - Occult &
Paranormal Explorers' Club
Call of Chtulhu
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