This is a small town, to be used for Kids on Bikes, and other games if anyone wants to. Everyone are (of course!) welcome to add to the description here on the wiki, and use it in other scenarios and games, if they like.

If others want to use it, it can be a klubbsaga light, where you can play the same(ish) character in several games, in the same setting, but without any coordinated story arch. (If others prefer other systems, your character will not be the same, of course, but you might create someone similar.) There will be inconsistencies between games, but this is a town where weird things happen. Sure, that old antique shop on the corner has always been there, but (in the words of the immortal Terry Pratchett): You're not completely sure it had always been there yesterday.

The year is 1975. Flåklypa Grand Prix is running in the cinema, people are listening to ABBA, Bruce Springsteen, and Pink Floyd, and in USA, president Nixon had to leave office after being caught breaking the law and lying about it.

Krakenstad is a small town on the coast of Norway, somewhere in Møre or Trøndelag.

The main industry is fishing. Economically, the city is in decline.

Tourists come here because of the UFOs (or at least unexplained lights in the sky).


  • The lights are american or russian spy planes


  • The school is new, built this year. It's a square, extremely boring, extremely mundane building. It's a combined barneskole and ungdomsskole (from 1st to 9th grade, so the kids are from 7 to 16 years old)
  • The church: There's a new, very charismatic pastor who has a worrying amount of influence on the congregation. There are rumours that children should avoid him
  • Woldemannsgaarden: The old, deserted house on the outskirts of the town
  • The Cabin: Where the older teenagers hang out

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  • The headmaster: Mr Johnson used to be a fisherman, always carries a few pieces of raw fish. Pet squirrel Hans
  • Herman Schuster (with his dog Oscar): A grown-up who knows the wilderness around here well

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